Where do people at Flea Markets……?

Question by Kris10: Where do people at Flea Markets……?
where do they get the designer, replica purses that they sale?

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  1. mdzevolveddammit says:

    Why the Black market of course. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone. Just kidding about telling anyone.

  2. perfect little dream says:

    off of a truck they stole.

  3. Love always, Kortnei says:

    From wholesalers

  4. emsr2d2 says:

    You probably don’t want to know where most of the stuff sold at flea markets came from. A lot is stolen, or imported cheap from the Far East where the trade in fake goods is absolutely immense.

  5. constantsugarhigh7 says:

    Most of them aren’t replicas, they’re real…and have been stolen from a delivery truck or boat, or a factory.

    Most people have relatives or other people in China (where the purses are made) who steal from the factories.

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