what is the best way to sell used clothes, shoes, and purses?

Question by natalie: what is the best way to sell used clothes, shoes, and purses?
I have so many clothes, shoes and purses that I never wear anymore. Most are very gently used and some have never even been used with the tags still on them. And a lot of them are designer brands, so I want to get my moneys worth out of them.
I know I won’t make anything from a gargage sale-so thats out of the question.
I have tried selling on eBay, but there are so many things on there that its hard for items to sell, and the selling fees can become pricey after a handful of things; so if the item doesn’t sell for more than $ 10, eBay’s not really worth it either.
I’ve heard of Craiglists but I think I have too much stuff, unless I put it in lots.
I need the extra money to help pay off my student loans and my wedding loan. And I don’t know where else is a good, safe place to sell lots of my used clothes. Please help :o) Thanks so much!

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Answer by Angelbaby7
newspaper, yard sale, consignment shop,

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  1. K S says:

    EBAY!! if there that cute, ull be rich!!!
    best answer

  2. Esmerelda says:

    Consignment shops. They do the work, you get the bucks and they deal in the pricier stuff.

  3. winston1smith says:

    Sorry for you but I am somewhat pessimistic about this idea.
    For, the market is literally saturated with clothes, owing to the huge China’s offer. Coincidence makes that I live at Troyes, France, at this time. Troyes is the home of French textile and clothing industry and I can see, everyday, that this market is experiencing hard time. We are reaching a level at which used clothes are sometimes sold at the price of the brand new!

    Take a look on Ebay about clothes, purses and accessories and you’ll see that bidders are not numerous and that prices are rather low. In France, today, you may find a lot of very good stuff (i.e. Levi’s jeans, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren clothes) in very good condition for prices ranging from 1 to 10 Euros in Emaus’ charity depots. The same is true about Emaus’ U.S. counterpart, Salvation Army.

    If you are in U.S., the most obvious way I see is yard sales, though it will be hard to make money that way, anyways.

  4. jimmybond says:

    i know for sure there is Friday Fair where used clothes r sold in UK. maybe u start one today.

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