Need help with Garage sale items pricing please?

Question by Bunny: Need help with Garage sale items pricing please?
I am having a garage sale and what some opinions on what I should price for items. My first one. Thank you so much.

The prices in ($ ) are what the tags that are attached say.

All Michael Kors:
Blue Sweater Dress with Silver Chain Belt ($ 139.50) –
Michael Kors Orange/White Sun Dress ($ 139.50)
Khaki Chino Skirt with Belt ($ 89.50)
Black Cardigan Sweater with Gold buttons ($ 139.50)
Black Business Cardigan with Patent Leather Belt ($ 89.50)

Other Name Brands:
Nine West Little Black Dress ($ 119.00)
Jones New York Gold Cocktail Dress ($ 140.00)
Jones New York Jacquard Blazer Jacket ($ 99.00)
INC Pink Trench Coat with Gold Buttons ($ 119.00)
DKNYC Sweater Dress ($ 119.00)
Other clothes I can’t remember

Bill Levkoff Formal Dresses for like prom, weddings, cruises, etc.:
Black full formal dress with Gold belt ($ 280.00)
Red Clarent body dress ($ 150)
Black Silver Dress ($ 150.00)
Gold 2 Piece Dress ($ 240)
Lilac Two piece dress ($ 150.00)

Other Stuff I am selling:
Louis Vitton Purse
Louis Vitton Scarf
Dooney & Burke Handbag
Random non-name brand day to day purses
Hand lotions (lots of them)
Television like 27 or 32 inch
Convection Oven (kind that goes on counter top)
Futon Bed Frame
5 Piece round Cherry wood table set (table and 4 chairs)
Coffee pot
Old fashioned suitcase
NWT Nine West carryon bag with wheels ($ 280.00)
Dog stairs (for when they want to climb up on bed)
Commercial Xerox machine
Video cassette player (the kinds that plays VHS)
Random Day to Day clothes
Baby clothes
A few toys
Nick – nacks

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Answer by pickmefirstplz
look at each item as if you want to buy them than price accordingly

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  1. gazeygoo says:

    I hate to burst your bubble but these items are going to be very difficult to sell. Folks at garage sales want bargains and I mean bargains. Regardless of those original prices you are looking at maybe and I mean maybe $ 20. To give you an idea, my daughter bought a new with tags Louis Vitton purse for $ 8. I agree with above, look at them as what you would PAY not what you WANT. You might be better off with a consignment shop or eBay.

  2. Watchdog says:

    Most of the time,with a little luck, you can get 5 to 10% of the price you paid for the item.

  3. aubergine says:

    People are generally looking for really cheap prices at garage sales and will likely look at you like you’re crazy. Why don’t you try ebay instead.

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